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Pool table

Need a qualified pool table installer or mover that will handle your billiards table with care?

At Rack n Roll Billiards we provide professional pool table moving and pool table installation.  We relevel and repair pool tables.  Our service area includes Reno - Sparks - Carson City - Gardnerville - Incline Village - Truckee - South Lake Tahoe and surrounding areas.  We can also consign pool tables and remove pool tables.

Our professional pool table movers and pool table installers have years of experience, we provide quality work that you can count on. We just do billiards and game room tables, it is our area of expertise.

Rack n Roll Billiards has an exceptional track record with our customers, just check out our reviews from our billiards customers here.

At Rack n Roll Billiards we warranty our work for one year. We are properly licensed and insured.  When Rack n Roll Billiards moves your pool table you can rest assured knowing your move will go smoothly.

We also sell used pool tables!  So if you no longer want that table sitting in your house, we have options for you.  We offer pool table removal services as well as consignment options for all game tables.

Service areas include: Reno, Sparks, Carson City, Gardnerville, South Lake Tahoe, Tahoe City, Truckee, Auburn, Incline Village, Portola, Quincy and all surrounding areas. We travel for your game room needs!

Reno Pool Table Movers

How to move a pool table?... Call the experts, here is why...

  • Pool tables are VERY HEAVY - it is easy to damage the table AND YOURSELF.
  • Pool Tables should not be moved in one piece.
  • Our movers and installers have the experience and attention to detail necessary to give you a perfectly level play field, billiards is all about precision after all!
  • While moving a pool table may seem like simple DIY task, there are many details to consider and it can be very time consuming.
  • An inexperienced pool table installer could end up costing you more time and money! Save yourself the trouble and let Rack n Roll Billiards handle your pool table installation for you .

Billiard Table Recovering

We recover and refelt pool tables.  Whether your pool table cloth is old and worn out or you just want to change the color, we can help you with your project.  Check out your options here: pool table cloth.

Billiard Table and Shuffleboard Installation

When you spend the time and money choosing the right pool table or shuffleboard for your space the last thing you want is an amateur installer.  If you just bought a new or used pool table, we will get you set up and playing on a perfectly covered and level table.

Custom Billiards Tables

Want to represent your favorite NFL team or college team?  We have custom pool table felts for any NFL team and we have custom pool table felt for many college teams as well.

Want to put your company logo or even a photo on your pool table?  We can do that too.  Give us a call to discuss you idea.

BilliardTable Repair/Antique Billiards Table Restoration

We can replace old, hard cushions.  We will replace dry, cracking pockets.  We can even replace or repair damaged slate.  No need to buy new, if it can be fixed, we can fix it.

Sell and Consign

We buy and sell pre-owned pool tables.  If your pool table is in excellent condition it can be consigned,touch here to give us a call and we can give you more information.  We will move the table to their floor at a discounted rate.

Junk Pool Table Removal

We remove junk pool tables as well!

Shuffleboard Setup

We deliver and setup shuffleboards!

Find out more about us here

Featured products

Cuetec Fiberglass Cue

57" Cuetec Fiberglass Cue

57″ One Piece Cue 13mm Deluxe hard brown leather tip Polycarbonate ferrule Clear fiberglass over shaft portion Professional taper Stainless steel power joint collar Veltex wrap for sure grip

Brunswick Centinnial Ball Set

Brunswick Centennial Ball Set

Brunswick Centennial Ball Set

Black Stain

10" Horsehair Brush

This brush is available in Honey, Chocolate, Midnight and Wine.

Simonis X-1

Simonis X-1 Cloth Cleaner

In order to best preserve its qualities, a billiard cloth deserves efficient cleaning. It is for this purpose that Simonis devised and developed a totally innovative accessory: the Simonis X-1®.