57" Dufferin Maple Cues

One piece house cue.
SKU: WS-C-100
Manufacturer: Dufferin

Dufferin cues have long been known for their superior quality and durability. Made with Solid Canadian Maple, their cues are carefully cured and turned for an absolutely straight cue. Their highly protective gloss is scratch resistant for unmatched longevity and durability. Their superior design allows them to endure through years of abuse and is the top pick for house cues by the most prestigious pool halls and bars around the world. Dufferin's traditional taper is a favorite by many players. Rest assured, you will not be disappointed with the quality of any Dufferin cue. Considered by some of the top players in the world as the best one piece house cue in the billiard industry, Dufferin cues are sure to impress with their superior design, taper and quality.