52" Cuetec Fiberglass Cue

52″ One Piece Cue 13mm Deluxe hard brown leather tip Polycarbonate ferrule Clear fiberglass over shaft portion Professional taper Stainless steel power joint collar Veltex wrap for sure grip
SKU: WS-C-146
Manufacturer: Cuetec

This Cuetec Professional Series 52″ one piece cue is simply the best House Cue on the market today. The shaft portion is clear fiberglass bonded to Grade A North American Maple and is warp, dent, ding, and scratch resistant with a 13 mm deluxe brown leather tip, polycarbonate ferrule for impact absorption, and a professional taper for a comfortable stroke. These cues are made with a Power Joint Collar for added strength and feature Cuetec’s famous Veltex wrap for a sure grip. This is a top of the line House Cue great for home use and even the most discriminating and demanding commercial locations. These are 12 ounce and perfect for restricted space shots and for kids.

Cuetec house cues vs other premium house cues

Reasons to buy the Cuetec house cues instead of other house cues:

  1. Cuetec house cues have a far better pro taper than any other house cue. The taper is 15½” just like the 2 piece cues currently being used by Shane Van Boening.
  2. This pro taper provides a very comfortable, consistent stroke leading to better play.
  3. Cuetec house cues, by virtue of being fiberglass coated, will stay straight much longer.
  4. Cuetec house cues, by virtue of being fiberglass coated with the Tru-Glide finish, will provide a smoother stroke many times eliminating the need for messy hand chalk.
  5. Cuetec house cues, by virtue of being fiberglass coated, are much easier to maintain. Use a damp towel to clean or wipe with Cuetec Hi-Tech to properly clean and condition the cue. No time consuming sanding or burnishing required. They will stay new looking much longer.
  6. Cuetec house cues, by virtue of being fiberglass coated, will take far more abuse, virtually eliminates dents, dings, and scratches that permanently damage or destroy other wood cues.
  7. Cuetec house cues offer a beautiful selection of styles including short cues
  8. Cuetec house cues, dollar for dollar, will play better and last longer than any other premium house cue made today.