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Aramith Tournament Ball Set

Aramith Tournament Ball Set
SKU: WS-B-104
Manufacturer: Aramith

The new generation: the aramith tournament set features the durability technology with its hi-tech engineered molecular structure enhancing drastically the longevity of the balls while minimizing significantly table Cloth wear. With a life-time that exceeds up to 8 times that of the average polyester and phenol-like resins, reaching easily up to 40 years in residential use, aramith ball sets are the logical choice for both the trade and the player. With its new dura myth tm formulation, the 4th generation aramith 4 life products cross new boundaries, guaranteeing the lowest cost of ownership. Durability : the new Benchmark with the durable technology, the aramith resins entered their 4th generation. With a totally overhauled resin formulation with new hi-tech reticulation, cross-linking and curing technologies, the aramith products now set a new Benchmark in quality, durability & longevity, increasing their service life up to 50% during which : their through-hardened vitrified surface and core holds their glossy look their Specifications, rebound and playing consistency throughout the set is maintained all along the Cloth wear and white marks that so easily ruin the look of the table are minimized their friction resistance minimizes burn spots as well.