Pool Lessons

Learn to Play Better With Private Pool Lessons


Whether you are a newbie, or you have hit a plateau in your game.  Our private instructor Adrian Griffith will get you to the next level.  With one-on-one private lessons you will get the attention necessary for your improvement.


Here is what you can expect to learn with the beginners package

  • Learn the fundamentals.
  • Learn how to aim and pocket balls.
  • Learn the 3 basic shots (stop, draw and follow).
  • Learn the basics of controlling the cue ball.
  • Understand English, or side spin.
  • Learn bank shots
  • etc.

You can fill out this form and email it to skylarp@nvracknroll.com.  This is to give Adrian an idea of what your skill level is and what your goals are.

You can also give us a call at (775)544-9810. We will get you setup with an appointment!