Cloths and Covers

We have a variety of pool table cloths to select from, many colors and qualities.  We can also have custom felt printed, <a href="contactus">contact us now </a>with any questions or to schedule an appointment!

Picture of Championship Billiards Invitational

Championship Billiards Invitational

Championship Billiards Cloth With Teflon

Tour Edition Colors

Championship Billiards Tour Edition

Championship Tour Edition 30/30

Billiards Cloth

Simonis 860 Pool Table Cloth

Initially developed for 9-Ball. Slightly slower than the #760 Blend. Combed worsted wool, high thread count and higher wool content assure long lasting wear and reduced ball burning. Nap-free... will not pill, fluff or shed. Available in 66" and 78" widths. Available in 28 colors:

Duratex Pool Table Covers

Duratex Pool Table Covers

Marine Grade 29 oz. vinyl.