Pool Table Felt Replacement

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Our installers have years of experience with pool table refelting.  We pride ourselve in our quality of work and customer satisfaction rates.  (You can check our reviews here.)

When Is It Time To Replace Pool Table Cloth?

While pool table cloth does last for quite some time, how often it will need to be relpaced will matter on several factors:

  • How much is the pool table played?
  • Is the pool table cloth ususally exposed to sunlight?
  • Are there tears in the pool table cloth?
  • Is the pool table cloth fuzzy?
  • Does the cloth move when you put your hand on the table?
  • Are you moving the pool table anyways?

(The last point is a good one to consider.  If we are moving a pool table and you are thinking about replacing the felt upon re-installation, chances are, it is probably a good idea to just go ahead and move the pool table and replace the felt all in one appointment.  This will save time and money.)

There are several things you will want to consider when thinking about re-felting a pool table.

  • How much are you wanting to spend?
  • Is quality imortant to you?
  • Is the speed and accuracy of the pool table cloth important?
  • What color would you like?

The cloth we use the most on standard home pool table installations and home pool table recovering is Championship Invitational.  This is a good quality felt for the amateur pool player just looking to have some fun in the game room or 'man cave'.

The cloth we usually use for the more serious pool player is Simonis 860.  This cloth provides faster play and better accuracy.  It does not 'pill' as the pool table cloths that are made from fabric blends tend to do.

Another option is to have custom pool table felt installed on your pool table.  It is a little more costly, but if you are in the market for it you won't be disappointed.

Custom Pool Table Felt