pool table refelting in Simonis grey

Rack n Roll Billiards offers professional pool table refelting and repair services. Even pool tables that are lightly played and very well taken care of will need to be refelted at some point. When pool table refelting is done by a professional it can bring an older table back to life. Not only will it look fantastic, it can make the game more enjoyable.

If you are having a pool table moved, this will be the best time to have the pool table refelted. This is because refelting a pool table requires the pool table to be partially disassembled. Consequently, instead of having to make two appointments (one for a pool table move and one for a pool table refelt at a later date) you can just make one appointment for us to move and refelt your pool table. In order to keep costs low and to pass on those savings to you, we do not keep pool table felt in stock. So we do need to schedule these appointments about a week in advance so we can order the pool table cloth.

We offer several different lines of cloth but the most popular are Simonis 860 and Championship Invitational.

Pool Table Refelting Cloth

If you aren’t sure which pool table cloth to choose, there are 2 questions to ask yourself. First, how serious are you about playing pool? Second, How much money are you willing to spend?

Simonis 860

If you are serious about the game and you are not concerned about price, Simonis 860 is the cloth for you. Simonis pool table cloth has been around for over 300 years, so they have learned a thing or two about how to make high quality pool table cloths. Simonis 860 is a worsted wool cloth. It does not ‘pill’ like other pool table felts and it provides faster, more accurate play.

Championship Invitational

Many amateur pool players choose Championship cloth.   This is an economical choice that will still give you years of play on your pool table.second

Championship Invitational is a good option if you are an amateur pool player just looking to have some fun in the game room. This is also a good choice for families who have children. (You may not be totally devastated if it gets a spill on it or a tear.)

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Custom Pool Table Felt

Custom UNR Pool Table

Another option is to have custom pool table felt installed on your pool table.  It is a little more costly, but if you are in the market for it you won’t be disappointed.

We can refelt your pool table with your favorite sports team logo, a high resolution photo, your own company’s logo… there are many options. If you are interested in customizing your pool table. Check out our most recent custom tables here.

Pool Table Repair

Pool Table Repair Services

Rack n Roll Billiards repairs pool tables. Older pool tables often have problems. Firstly, pockets get old and worn out. Secondly cushions become hardened. Thirdly, pocket liners crack… If your pool table has any of these problems, we can help.

The two issues we run into the most with older pool tables are dead cushions, and tearing pockets. The climate around the Reno / Tahoe area is very dry. Consequently pool tables that have been sitting around for 10 to 15 years will have problems with parts drying out.

If you roll a ball against your pool table cushions it should make a soft thud noise. If the ball hits the cushion and it sounds like it is hitting wood, then the cushions are dead. When the cushions ‘go dead’ this means that the rubber no longer feels like rubber. It feels more like concrete and this will most definitely affect your game. When the cushions need to be replaced the table will also need refelting.