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Katana Cue Shaft

Katana 1 Performance Cue Shaft

This cue shaft has a 10-piece spliced radial construction which removes natural variances and provides more consistent results. The ferrule is shorter and lighter which reduced the amount of 'squirt' during play

$225.00 $210.99
katana 05

Katana KAT05

$510.00 $495.99
katana 06

Katana KAT06

$510.00 $495.99
katana 12 white pool cue

Katana KAT12

$510.00 $495.99
Katana white cue

Katana KAT13 Cue

$510.00 $495.99
Black Katana Cue

Katana KAT14 Pool Cue

$510.00 $495.99