Reno Pool Table Movers

Reno - Tahoe - Carson City Pool Table Movers

Reno Pool Table Movers Truck

Are you moving, or have you acquired a pool table that needs to be moved and installed?

Are you moving long-distance and needing your pool table crated?

Rack n Roll Billiards in Northern Nevada can move your pool table or crate it for the long-haul movers.  We move pool tables in the Reno - Sparks area as well as around Tahoe, Truckee and Carson City.

Are you tempted to just put the pool table on its side and move it with your buddies?  We highly recommend NOT doing that.  This is a really easy way to damage your pool table to the point that it cannot be repaired.  This can break the legs, the rails, not to mention scratch the heck out of it.  (You could break your leg too!)  Also, when it gets to the new location the leveling will probably be all wrong.  We have been called to many jobs to fix pool tables where people tried to DIY the job...

DIY Pool Table Move

Pool table moving is what we do best.  You can sit back and let us do the job, just give us a call (775)544-9810.

If you are having a pool table moved, it is usually the best time to also have the pool table felt replaced.  We will refelt or recover your pool table as well!  You can see some of the cloth options here here.

We can also customize your pool table!  If you are an NFL or an MLB fan we can put your favorite team logo on your pool table.  If you own a company and rights to the logo we can put your logo on your pool table too!