Cyclop TV Ball Set

TV Ball Set
SKU: WS-B-106B
Manufacturer: Cyclop

Quickly becoming recognized as the best pool balls on the market, the Cyclop TV Tournament pool balls are used in professional tournaments worldwide. Developed with Hyatt Technology, these balls are constructed of a highly configured phenolic resin which creates added durability and a long lasting luster. There shine, color and performance are sure to beat any balls on the market. This set of Cyclop balls is the TV set, also known as the Easter egg pool balls due to their bright and vibrant colors. These colors are used on TV matches to make the balls more easily identifiable from afar. What's the difference between the TV set and the Standard set? Just the color. Both sets of balls are designed with the same technology and resins. Because the TV set is used in so many more professional tournaments than the standard, the demand for the TV set is greater, also causing resale values to be slightly higher.